Fans and coolers are not enough to cool the house and can’t make you comfortable in the summer and in such a situation only air conditioner can give you relief. When you go to buy an Air conditioner and you get into confusion, we are going to tell you which ac you should buy and the comparison of window ac vs split ac.

As you know, the scorching sun begins in India from March and the scorching heat lasts till May and June. If you looked it in a way, both have their different pros and cons.

There are many types of air conditioners available in the market when we compare window ac with split ac the capacities, design, cost, aesthetics, operational feasibility plays a major role by making the selection.

if you are planning to purchase a new air conditioner then the foremost question strikes your mind for most question comes to your mind is

  • which one is best, split ac or window ac?
  • Which one consumes less electricity?
  • Which one is better for maintenance point of view?
  • Which one gives more cooling effect?

Window ac can be purchased at a low price. And If you want to buy window ac then you need to have a window in your room but it does not have a 2-ton variant for window ac.

And on the other hand, split ac is better in terms of looks and it does not make noise and it can fit anywhere in your room. But it is expensive as compared to window ac.

We are here to clear your all the confusions regarding window ac vs split ac comparison, topairconditioners and our team are going to help you to explain the characteristics of both types of ac from which you will be able to decide.

Window ac vs Split ac

Few things you should remember

  • To keep the cooling of the AC as it is then you must service your air conditioner on time, in such a situation, buy the Ac after seeing the service centre of the company.
  • You need to select the 1, 1.5,
    2 or more tons of ac depending on how big is your room.
  • Before buying an AC, you must see the star rating, more star rating means more savings in the long term.
  • It is also important to get information about new technologies like energy saving and inverter technology before buying ac.
  • You should know about the warranty period of its compressor and other parts.

However, both work on the same principle but due to there different characteristics they are used at different places, please note that once we purchase a new air conditioner than we aspect that it will go on for next 10 years So we are going to look at differences between split ac and window ac.

So lets the Compare the Window ac or Split ac one and on and see what we get at last.

Window ac vs Split ac

Comparison between Window Ac vs Split Ac

1. No of units

Window ac – Whereas window ac has a single unit.

Split ac –  As the name suggests, split ac has 2 units indoor and outdoor. Indoor units provide cool air and outdoor throughs out hot air.

2. Design

Window Ac – Window ac is a combined structure of all it’s components within one unit.

Split ac – Outdoor unit consists of Compressor, Condensor and Expansion Valve and it is installed at the outside the target room while Indoor unit is inside the room and it consists of the capillary tube, evaporator and cooling fan.

3. Aesthetics

Window ac – But Window ac are not aesthetically pleasing.

Split ac – Split ac has an advantage that it looks way better than window ac.

4. Suitability

Window ac – Window ac can be used in single rooms in apartments, small offices etc.

Split ac – Split ac can be used for large rooms, commercials and office spaces.

5. Space

Window ac – In the case of window ac if we talk about the inner side of the room then window ac requires more space as compared to split ac.

Split ac – If we consider indoor and outdoor unit separately then split ac requires as compared to window ac. The indoor unit can be mounted on the wall of a room while the outdoor unit is mounted at a suitable place outside the room or building. But if we sum up this space required for the outdoor and indoor unit then it requires more space as compared to window ac.

6. Daylight

Window ac – Whereas, window ac installed in the window and it blocks daylight.

Split ac – In case of the window ac, the indoor unit can be installed anywhere in the room without blocking window or daylight.

7. Types

Window ac – Whereas in window ac no other options are available in the market.

Split ac – In case of split ac floor-mounted and ceiling mounted are available in the market. Floor mounted is also known as verticle or tower ac and ceiling mounted is also known as cassette type or split ac. inverter series is also available for split AC’s and which is not available in window ac.

8. Capacity

Window ac – In the case of the window, ac is available in the range of 0.75 to 3 ton. Since window ac is the whole one unit its size is directly proportional to tonnage capacity. Higher the capacity bigger the size

Split ac – Generally Split AC’s are available in the range of 0.8 to 3 ton. The real work of cooling down air is done outdoor unit and it can be of any size as it is installed outside. Hence, thence there is no ton nation meet on those.

9. Noise

Window ac – Window ac is noisy as compared to split ac they do make noise as they have all the component fitted into one unit. If a person who wants silence to sleep or if you are worried to sleep your baby sleep prefer to buy split ac.

Split ac – Split ac is quiet on the inside and noisy on the outside as the compressor is installed in the outdoor unit.

10. Security threat

Window ac – Whereas the window is open and someone can remove the air conditioner from outside and can enter into the house.

Split ac – There is no security threat in of case in split ac

11. Installation

Window ac – In the case of window ac, it is quite easy and does not require skilled labour.

Split ac – In case of split ac two units to be installed along with copper piping hence it is quite difficult and requires skilled labour to install it.

12. Opening in the wall for Installation

Window ac – But in case of window ac, it requires a bigger opening than ac itself to fit whole ac into it for supporting purpose.

Split ac – Split ac is required a 3-inch hole in the wall to connect the indoor unit to the outdoor unit for passing through required piping and that hole is hidden behind the indoor unit.

13. Agencies required for Installation

Window ac – Whereas, in window ac can be installed by only one agency.

Split ac – While installing split ac different agencies are involved e.g. drilling hole in the wall for condenser shall be by either ac installer or core cutting agency and for electrical point wiring separate electrician is required.

14. Energy consumption

Window ac – Almost similar.

Split ac – Almost similar.

15. Servicing and maintenance

Window ac – Maintenance and servicing of split ac are easy as all the components are compactly designed.

Split ac – Maintenance and servicing of split ac require a technical person who knows to do it systematically.

16. Cost

Window ac – Window ac is cheaper as compared to split ac.

Split ac – Split ac is marginally expensive than window ac for the same tonnage. Split ac is 10% to 20% costlier as compared to window ac depending on brand and capacity.

Window Ac is a better option in these circumstances
Window ac

If you are living in a rented house and you have to change the house every year or after 2 years, then window ac will be the right option for you because the installation cost of split AC is much higher than Window ac.

And you need to have expert labour to install window ac in your house, apart from this, on the basis of price, the window ac is much cheaper than split ac AC

The maintenance costs cheaper than split ac, the window AC’s are quite economical overall.

If you look at the performance and power-saving, there is no major difference between window ac and split ac.

That is why over 70% of the consumers prefer to buy the window AC only in this situation mainly if you have to change your residence after a short period.

Split Ac is a better option in these circumstances
Split ac

If you live in your own house and you don’t change your house frequently, then you will not like a window made for fresh and that air should block with Ac.

You can enjoy Spit Ac for years and there is not that major difference in the cost of installation. Today there are so many houses in metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai where proper ventilation is not done.

In such a situation, the split ac is the easiest and only option for the window ac, its biggest advantage is that you can attach two small indoor units with a heavy outdoor unit.

Conclusion –

From the above comparison of window ac and split ac, we can conclude that both ac are quite similar, but they are different in their aesthetic, design and cost the choice depends on the size of the room and where you want to install an air condition, of course, the budget is also the consideration.

However, window ac.s are becoming little obsolete due to heavy noise, blocking of daylight, aesthetics, non-uniform cooling etc.

Nowadays, people demand more for split ac rather than the window ac because of all the possible reason I have already mentioned in the above comparison between split ac and window ac.

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