What is Inverter AC and What It’s Benefits – 2021

Hello, guys, in this post we are giving you complete information about the inverter ac.

Confusion while buying AC in the market is common but inverter AC has increased this confusion further. What is inverter AC, what are its benefits etc?

Inverter AC technologies are new for Indian markets, yet due to the power saving, they are becoming quite popular.

There was a lot of enthusiasm in the market for high BEE rating, but the inverter AC has taken the battle of power-saving to the next level.

Almost every major brand in the market like Daikin, LG, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba, etc. are present with the option of inverter AC.

It starts from around 35 thousand rupees to 1 lakh rupees. Even if we go with the base price, the inverter AC will prove to be about 5 thousand rupees more expensive than the common 5 stars AC.

What is Inverter AC and It's Benefits - 2019

What is inverter AC?

Whenever the name of inverter AC comes, the first thing that comes into the mind is about inverter which has installed in your home for a continuous supply of electricity in the house.

Inverter AC does not mean that it runs on the inverter or it also runs in power cuts. Some people believe that Inverter AC operates from the inverter.

The term inverter is only used in AC, inverter AC maintains cooling better, the way your home’s inverter keeps the power supply stable.

It is an AC that has better technology to control the temperature. This air conditioner uses inverter technology, which converts AC to DC and helps to control the speed of the compressor.

What are its benefits?

Inverter AC is also named Electricity Saver because saves electricity. Also, helps to lessen stress on the compressor increases the life of the AC.

Where the Split AC drives the compressor continuously for cooling and when the cooling reaches the setpoint, it turns off the cooling and waits for the temperature to rise again and when this happens it turns on again.

As the AC approaches the setpoint, the speed of the compressor of the inverter AC decreases and it slows down considerably as the fixing temperature is reached.

The speed of the compressor directly affects power consumption. Thus inverter ACs reduce stop-start cycles and save.

This is why makes it a super saver. Along with saving power, this AC also maintains the same temperature.

Unless the AC is set to maximum cooling or heating, the compressor does not have a maximum load. Apart from this, the non-inverter AC continuously keeps the compressor at full thrust.

Can inverter AC be run on inverters?

In the summer, we use cooler fans, etc. to avoid the heat, but we use air conditioners to protect us from the most heat and dust.

But many such places in India are villages where electricity is not available all the time, that’s why some people think of running ac on inverters.

Nowadays, you get to see inverter AC in the market and everyone believes that we can run inverter AC on our home inverter but it is not at all a normal inverter AC cannot run on the inverter.

But it is not the case that inverter AC or normal cannot run on any such inverter. We can run the inverter AC or normal AC on the inverter, for this, you have to install the inverter based on ac power input.

What is Inverter AC and It's Benefits - 2019

How will the AC run on the inverters?

Before running the AC on the inverter, you have to see the air conditioner installed in your house, how much power the air conditioner takes to run.

Suppose you have an air conditioner of 1.5 Ton 5 Star Rating 2019, whose power consumption will be around 1900 W.

Now if you want to run this air conditioner on the inverter, then try adding all the loads running in your house and 1900 W load.

If you want to run only the air conditioner on the inverter, then you have to buy an inverter of at least 3kva.

On a 3 Kva inverter, you can run a load of up to 2400 W. But if you are running such an inverter, then for this you will have to see how much battery is installed on your inverter.

If you want to run the inverter like this for a long time. If there is more battery on your inverter.  An inverter with 4 batteries can give you a backup of about 2-3 hours.

But if you want to run longer than this, then you must either have more battery or you must have solar panels.

If you can get a solar panel, then you should buy a 3kva solar inverter with which you will be able to connect your solar panel easily and the more solar plate you buy.

If you buy 3000 W solar panel the better you will get battery backup, so you can run your Ac on inverters for about 8-9 hours

The solar panel should have at least 7-8 hours of sunlight so that your air conditioner Solar will continue on the panel.

Major differences between General AC and Inverter AC –

Compressor motors of conventional non-inverter air conditioners have to be ‘on’ and sometimes off.

Whereas, inverter AC. The compressor is always in the ‘on’ position. However, inverter AC. The compressor is always on, but it also saves electricity a lot.

When we use non-inverter ac when you switch the AC on, its compressor motor starts and runs at high speed to cool the room at the desired temperature.

After reaching the desired temperature, it stops the compressor motor. When the room temperature rises, it resumes the compressor.

The compressor is repeatedly ‘on’ and ‘off’. Inverter ac compressor motor is always ‘on’.

When the inverter ac switch is on, its compressor motor starts running at high speeds to cool the room at the desired temperature.

After reaching the set temperature, it does not stop the motor, rather it runs the motor at a minimum speed so that the room temperature is maintained at the desired temperature.

Need to take care of these things as well –

  • Inverter AC option only exists in the split model. Meaning that this technology is not yet available for users of window AC.
  • Inverter AC saves more for those who use AC for a longer time (10-12 hours or more in a day).
  • Savings for users less than 6 hours are not so much that they can recover the price quickly.
  • Due to new and better technology, it can prove to be somewhat expensive in terms of maintenance.
  • Better cooling than inverter AC is possible only when insulation is better and AC is suitable for room area.

Hello friends, I hope you have read the above information and I know it will going to help you and ware you about all of this ac.

You have seen why you should purchase inverter and what is inverter ac. It saves you money and the consumption of your electricity.

You can also know about split ac from our website. We must tell you all about it if you found it meaningful then please share this information to your friends and family.

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