Here, we have air conditioner problems and solutions which help you in reducing the ac not cooling problems which may come in the future.

The most commonly purchased product to reach coolness in summer is an air conditioner that cools the air temperature in your house and maintains the coolness in your room. Ac cools our room temperature equally and we also get air filter features in it.

We use air conditioners in our homes and offices as well, however, apart from installing air conditioners, we also need to know about their maintenance.

When we install a new ac, after some time the cooling problem starts in it and we get scared that our ac has not deteriorated.

So, We are going to tell you about the reasons for ac not cooling problem and their solutions.

ac not cooling problem and solution

Top 10 Best Guide For Ac not cooling Problems And Solutions – 2020

When an ac starts giving hot air instead of cold air, then understand that your ac will not be able to give cooling because it is spoiled.

Which can have many reasons for ac is not the cooling problem, we will tell you some general problems and their solutions.

1. Dirty Air filter –

The first cause of the ac is not the cooling problem is the dirty air filter installed in it. If the air filter in ac is dirty with dust, it can result in various problems. The dusty soil prevents its thermostat work. Dirty in the ac filter prevents the passage of cold and hot air inside the pipes.

Solution –

To clean the ac cooling filter, open the indoor air of your ac and take out the air filter in it, completely clean the dust sitting in it, you can also use water to clean it.

2. Wrong setting in your Thermostat –

If the ac is not cooling or your ac is leaving hot air, then it has messed up the thermostat setting if you have split ac or window ac and wrong setting in your thermostat setting may result in a cooling problem in your respective ac.

Solution –

Keep the air conditioner in “Auto” turn instead of “On” mode in which AC cooling will remain. This is a common problem of the AC cooling problem.

3. Dirty Outdoor Unit –

The biggest and common problem of ac is not cooling is the messing out of the ac outdoor unit.

Due to the outdoor unit being placed outside, the dust and dirt get dissolved in it more quickly, due to which the problem of Ac is not cooling starts and Ac leaves warm air instead of cold air.

Solution –

The best solution for this problem is to periodically clean the outdoor unit of your air conditioner and possibly install ac outdoor in such a place that it can be easily cleaned.

4. The problem in Ac Compressor –

Another major cause of ac is not a cooling problem is the failure of the ac compressor your air conditioner cooling compressor is having a problem than the effect of cold air in your ac stops and is the most important component of the compressor.

Solution –

If the air conditioner is running ac is not a cooling problem then you can read the compressor check because the compressor is an important component of the air conditioner unit.

Because it creates evaporation and cooling effect between the condenser and poor compressor does not cool the air well.

5. An issue in Electricity And Power Supply –

AC requires enough electrical power. Electricity issues are also a major reason for the AC cooling problem. The decrease in power supply, low power supply, light fluctuate may be the common cause.

Solution –

This type of electrical causes like a decrease in power supply, low power supply, light fluctuations due to such electrical reasons, use a good quality Ac stabilizer which provides equal enough power supply in the air conditioner.

6. Breakdown in Condensor Motor Fan –

If your fan condenser motor gets damage then your outdoor unit fan does not dissipate heat resulting in AC not cooling your home.

Solution –

Condenser motor fan is the parts to be changed if your motor fan is damaged then you have to get it replaced by a good mechanic.

7. Outside Air Effect in Your Room –

If the air in your room has more effect from the outside air or if in your room window or doors are open then you will not get the effect of cooling in the room and you will not get enough air from your AC.

Solution –

If you want more good cooling experience from your ac, then you have to stop the air moving from outside in your room, for this, you have to use such doors in the room which stop the outside air.

8. Size of Air Conditioner –

If you do not get cold air from your Ac, then for this you first make sure that the size of your ac is according to the size of your room or not.

We find many types of ac in the markets like 1 ton, 1.5 ton, 2 ton, 2.5 ton, etc. You have to choose ac according to your room.

Solution –

If the size of your room is large and you have not applied ac according to the size of your room, then you have to buy a ton of ac which is equal to your room size after which you will get enough coolness from your ac.

9. High Atmospheric Temperature

Any ac can control the normal temperature and the ac works effectively.

If the temperature increases beyond the maximum limit, the efficiency of the air conditioner decreases sometimes and temperature increases so much that the ac compressor stops working completely.

Solution –

If the atmospheric temperature is high in your area, then you should buy ac according to the size of your room, apart from that do not let the outside air in the room and increase the ac cooling level.

10. The Frozen Air Handler –

If the above solutions also do not fix the air conditioner not the cooling problem, then the reason for the air filter inside the evaporator coil in the unit may also be a bit strange, you may find it a bit strange but it can happen if your ac is frozen.

This will make the air very hot. The ice will prevent the evaporation coils from coming in contact with the coolant and prevent the air from cooling.

Solution –

If for some reason ac is deposited in your evaporator coil air filter, for this you will have to turn off your ac and clean it.

People also ask –

1. Why is my ac is not cooling?

There are many factors that related to this question but you can check quickly if you are facing this problem, you can check if the air filter is dirty and that results in poor airflow, dirt in the condenser coil and dirty air unit, if these are not the problem then you should definitely look at others problem and their solution.

Conclusion –

We have covered all problems which may occur in the future if you own an air conditioner and have one of the above problems related to the above problems then you can implement it and get rid of it.

All the above problems can solve and you can see what you should keep in mind to maintain a proper cooling experience.


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