5 Best portable ac in 2021 [Updated] – Buying Guide

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I have covered this post based on research for more than hundreds of portable ac models.

We have experienced technicians in the backend with over five years of experience in maintenance and technology, and the best brands available in India.

We have some research and find a list of the portable Ac’s, which will give you better slip in the night and great cooling experience.

I will keep updating as per the best feature or benefit according to new models that will launch in the near future.

All the air conditioners listed are not biased or the featured product. Every product is on its best features.

You can check out the list given below, and don’t forget to check out our recommendations.

These air conditioner contains a self constrained portable system it’s got an excellent alternative to the window units.

And this is ideal for single cooling rooms no need to drill your homes wall as they lie on the floor and come with an installation for quick set up.

They also have weeds so you can move them to difficult rooms.

So if you want the one we can help with some of the best in the business.

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Here we are going to look at about how to pick a portable air conditioner that’s right for you.

Now, the summer’s here is getting hot outside and you might be thinking about picking us one of these portable air conditioners.

Now, portable air conditioners are great because you can move them from room to room in your house.

Why should you purchase a portable air conditioners? Or In which situation you should buy a portable ac?

  1. If you are living on rent and your landlord is not giving you permission to plant a window or split ac in the room, you should go for it.
  2. In case if you are living on top floors (near to the tares), then it will not going to be effective (can’t cool enough) to you, and that’s why it will consume too much electricity, and it will not sustain above 25 °C.
  3. And you are doing a job in which you have to shift regularly after a particular period. So, in this situation, you should not purchase it.
  4. It is most useful for the single room which is less than 120 sqft (It will provide you excellent experience)

5 best portable air conditioner availabe in India

  • Blue star portable air conditioner (PC12DB)
  • Voltas portable air conditioner (2.0 Ton venture)
  • Super General portable ac (SPGI182)
  • Lloyed portable ac (LP12B01TP)
  • Koryo portable ac (KPA18AF)

Let’s dig into each and every product in detail with their pros and cons.

1. Blue star portable air conditioner (PC12DB)

Blue star portable air conditioner (PC12DB)

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Key Features/ Benefits

1. The blue star is always known for its air conditioners; in this blue star portable air conditioner, they have given High energy efficiency, which also known as Dynamic drive design technology.

This technology helps to deliver the most excellent cooling performance and gains a high level of energy efficiency of 3.90 ISSER.

2. In this blue star portable air conditioner, a function i. e. operational timer has programmed to provide you with a desired cooling option for a one-day programmable time.

It ensures your sleep undisturbed throughout the night in order to give you comfort zone.

3. This portable air conditioner has R410A refrigerant, which is eco friendly for the environment and has Zero Ozone-Depleting Substance and Polyester (POE) oil in it.

This Oil has the best return properties, heat transfer featureslubrication abilitieswax free, etc.

4. Blue star has designed an anti-bacterial silver coating filter that limits the metabolism and growth of bacteria which contains the bactericide.

This filter is specially designed in order to decline the transmission decreases in air.

5. Auto mode function gives the best suitable comfort zone during a rainy season. You just need to switch Auto mode that’s it.

You can set a suitable temperature as per your need or requirement, and this makes your sleep comfortable throughout the night.

6. This portable ac has inbuilt caster wheels which make the unit very easy to move or transfer from one place to another place on the floor.

7. It gives you a convenient mode of operation of the portable air conditioner from a set distance.

8. In this portable air conditioner, hydrophilic gold fins of the evaporator do not grant water condensate to accumulate.

It declines the accumulation of dust or other particles, and it results to enhance the performance of AC.

9. The smart detect technology function, which is “Self Diagnosis” that alerts you from a fault in air conditioner operation, triggering corrective action.

This function makes it globally attractive with full remote control and electronic panel.


  • High efficiency rotary compressor
  • Quick cooling
  • Anti bacterial silver coating
  • Electronic panel
  • R410A eco friendly refrigerant
  • Hydrophilic gold fin for protection
  • Auto mode


  • Suitable for single room only
  • Not good for more than 120sqft room
  • Drainage system is manual

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2. Voltas portable air conditioner (2.0 Ton venture)

Voltas portable air conditioner (2.0 Ton venture)

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Key features/Benefits

1. Voltas has given a good and compact design to Voltas portable air conditioner. With incredible design and white colour, it looks a suitable part of your interior.

2. This voltas portable ac is very good at this point if you are buying a portable ac one of this reason. The noise level is approx [dB(A)] ≤43 of this portable ac as we tasted.

3. Dual control is one of the factors which makes it easy to use. And this portable ac can be control from Panel controller and LCD handset.

4. It has Hydrophilic blue fin of the evaporator which do not allows water condensation process to accumulation.

5. LED graphics of the display panel indicates the room temperature, fans speed and other modes in it. This makes it user friendly and attracts the customers.

6. It gives you instant cooling with wide-angle airflow as the airflow in the room, and this product flows between 900CMH to 1100CMH which pretty good for 200 to 250Sqft room or even more if the outside temperature is more than 90 degree.

7. In this portable ac, a child lock switch has given to lock the setting to make it childproof. And now you can run it without worrying about it.

8. Anti-dust filter makes it much promising in order to remove bacteria, dust, dirt and other harmful impurities from the air.


  • High efficient compressor
  • Auto restart
  • Quick cooling than other portable ac
  • Low noisy
  • Quick cooling


  • It requires huge space than other
  • Only one colour

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3. Super General portable ac (SPGI182)

Super general portable ac

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Key features/ Benefits

1. This portable ac has 3 in 1 function in this product, and this particular ac also act as Humidifier and Cooler with Air conditioning system in it. This air conditioner adapts technology for cooling and humidifying your entire room; thus, this function ensures optimum cooling.

And this function makes this portable ac use all time in year even in the winter season.

2. In this portable ac, you will have 2-litre tank capacity and allows it to cool your entire home for a longer time and helps you to keep cooling your room cool and cosy.

3. The LED display in this portable ac gives it very easy to use, or you can control the unit efficiently even at night, and it consists of room temperature and other modes of the ac.

4. Timer function allows you to set the time limit for ac as per your need with 24 hours programmable timer and after which the ac will stop automatically.

Thus, it will conserve the power, and also it will provide cool air throughout the night as it has 3 in 1 functions in it.

5. It has an anti-bacterial air filter that filters dirt, dust, etc. From your room and keep your room clean and also filters the hairs and prevent it from coming inside the unit.

6. It has remote to control it from anywhere in the room at a set distance.

7. The Super general portable ac uses the No drip technology function that helps this ac to avoid leakages in the excessive water from the condenser.

It also includes condensation of water and collects the moisture to cool air.


  • Anti-bacterial air filter
  • No drip technology
  • Low noise
  • Multiple uses of product like 3 in 1 use
  • Auto mode


  • Medium size room (120sqft to 200sqft)
  • It can be consume electricity more

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4. Lloyed portable ac (LP12B01TP)

Lloyd portable ac

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Key features/ Benefits

1. Lloyd portable air conditioner provides the two-way swing technology for cooling the air, you can enjoy it in the summer heat with this feature, and it flows the air direction horizontal in your ac by opening air van, and it counters the airflow counter wise direction.

2. It has hydrophilic aluminium fins which help to keep condenser safe and rust. And it increases the life of Condenser coil for this portable ac.

3. It has a high-efficiency cooling tube which helps this air conditioner to cool faster and maintain the airflow inside the product.

4. As you know the pollution is increasing day by day, the air around us is not that pure and fresh, which leads the various issue for human health.

Lloyd has come up with a variety of new-age air filters that can clean or remove the dirt, dust and other harmful impurities from the room.

5. It has auto mode function so that you can auto-start this portable air conditioner whenever you want.

6. This portable ac has one of the elegant design that enhances your house interior.

7. You can maintain the air swing, temperature, timer, mode, power, fan speed, etc. It has multi-control over a remote.


  • Two way air swing
  • High efficiency cooling tube
  • 100% copper condenser tubes
  • Elegant design
  • Low noise


  • Not cools effectively more than120 sqft

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5. Koryo portable ac (KPA18AF)

5 Best portable ac in 2021 [Updated] – Buying Guide 1

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Key features/ Benefits

1. Koryo portable air conditioner has an anti-corrective golden technology which makes it the most trustable product, and it provides this air conditioner with a safer or long-lasting cooling, and it is non-toxic.

2. This portable ac also has 3 in 1 in it, and It can be work as cooler, air conditioner and humidifier. This function makes it workable all the season.

3. This portable ac has a washable antibacterial filter that provides it to clean easily, or this could act as a mosquito net.

And it happens at every time you switch on the machine to get fresh air and non-polluted air.

4. It has 4-way directional air swing, and you will get cooling in multiple directions from this portable ac.

And you can adjust it as per your comfort or need, and you can also get air form wider range in this ac.

5. A remote can make it easier to control the various function, and this portable ac can help you to control from a set distance. LED screen display setting can be operated through the remote very easily.

6. This ac comes with caster wheel, which makes it durable, and this helps ac to move from one place to another.

You can move it anywhere in the room easily as per your convenience and cool at your own comfort.

7. This portable ac has Low noise which is approx 41 dB as we tested and it will give comfortable sleeping at night.


  • It can cool your room quickly
  • Multiple use 3 in 1 Function
  • LED display
  • Anti-corrective golden hydrophilic fins


  • Warranty on compressor is 4 years
  • Energy consumption a bit high than others

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How to Install an portable ac – Guide

Caution – The unit could be heavy that’s why it is recommended to have someone assist you when installing unit to prevent damage or injury.

Following tools are required –

  • Gloves
  • Box Cutter
  • Screwdriver [Philips recommended]
  • Power Drill and 5/64 Drill Bit

Followings are the step by step instruction to install portable air conditioner at your home.

Note- If you don’t want to do it or you can’t do it than in this case you should go for specialist and let them do it for you. However it is very simple to install portable ac.

1. Remove the packaging material from the unit which has come with your portable air conditioner and set aside.

2. Now take a movement and look at the component which has come with your air conditioner unit.

3. Even though when the installation kit allows you installation air conditioner in most vertical sliding windows “18 to 50” inches wide or horizontal sliding windows “18 to 50” inches high.

4. Now, place the portable ac on a level floor near the window for best performance and allow at least 20 inches of space on all sides of the unit for proper ventilation and sufficient inner flow.

5. Make sure no obstructions or anything is blocking the vents.

6. The hose and diffusers have used to connect the air conditioner to the window installation kit to vent exhaust air outside.

7. Attach the hose and diffusers by screwing at the diffusers in the each and up the wholes.

8. Now, insert and slide the vent hose assembly into the hole on the back of the unit until it snaps in place.

9. When attaching the vent hose assembly on a model with circular connection insert and rotate the annular vent hose assembly counter-clockwise unit it fits in place.

10. To install the unit on the vertical sliding window cut foam seal on the proper length of the window length.

11. Peel the backside adhesive and place directly on the window frame.

12. Next, use the two short foam seals for each side of the window sash and do the same for the inner side of the window sash.

13. Measure your window length and chose the fit panels from the table listed in the manual that best for your needs. But for the best accuracy, place the vent panel assembly inside the window frame. 

When we turn it over, you will see the hole in the panel located underneath and extended the panel to a maximum length of the window gives it a tight fit. Now, mark a line on the vent panel assembly using a pen.

14. Drill a pilot hole into the window vent panel assembly using a 5/64 drill bit in one of the pre-drill holes that best lined up with the marked line.

15.Use the smaller of the screws that came with your installation kits and screw the window vent panel and extension panel together.

Note- Use the larger or attach the installation panel if your window needs more than 2 panels.

16. Re-insert the window vent assembly inside the window frame and lower the window.

17. Use the securities brackets if necessary to keep the window vent panel assembly from moving.

Note- For wooden style window, drill a pilot hole first.

18. Cut the non-adhesive foam seal for window width and stuff it between the glass and window to prevent the air and insect from getting into the room.

19. Next, insert slide and diffuser end of the vent hose assembly into the vent panel opening than slide it to the left to lock it in place. If you want to fix the diffuser most securely use the single middle size screw too tight.

Note- Do not Overtight the screw, it may strip the threading.

Once it finishes kindly plug the wire to run unit and turn on. You are now ready to use your portable air conditioner.

People also ask – FAQ

Which is the best Portable air conditioner?

Best portable ac for small roomsLloyd LP12B01TP Portable Ac,

Best portable ac for medium size roomsSuper general SPGI182 Portable Ac.

Best for Big size roomsWhirlpool ACP122GPW1 Portable Ac.

Best for all type Blue star DB series Portable Ac.

Best for Multi size roomVoltas Venture slimline portable Ac.

What should I look for when buying a Portable air conditioner?

You won’t see as per your room size and then you should look at their features that can benefits you in save money on electricity, filters of the Ac, and noise is loud or not, BTUscooling capacity as per your room size, etc. These can be most of the thing on which you should look before buying a Portable air conditioner.

Can I use Portable air conditioner in a room without a window?

It is necessary to vent the hot air outside for your comfort zone.

You can use a portable ac without window when you have any whole in a wall, ceiling or even through the door the hot air can be vented out. Most of the time it becomes impossible because you don’t know your Landlord will give you permission to a hole into the wall or not and in case if you don’t have a hole in the wall already. So that a window can reduce your work and it can work for Portable air conditioner so well to provide cooling.

Is it worth buying a Portable air conditioner?

Basically, a portable air conditioner uses more BTUs than a window ac so that it increases the electricity bill of your house to cool the same square foot space.

But there are some points to look at like cooling the entire room instead of cooling the space where you are sleeping at night. So your electricity is going to increase even if you use another air conditioner like a window or split ac.

Are portable air conditioners expensive to run?

Maybe it could be a little expensive to run a portable ac throughout the entire day just because it takes more BTUs than a window ac.

If you don’t run ac for more than 6 hours than it will not be expensive for you to run

If you compare portable ac with other types of air conditioner like Window or Split ac.

Are portable air conditioners noisy?

If you compare portable air conditioner with split ac or window ac, it will be noisy a little bit, but there are few models available in the market.

The noise level should be less than [dB(A)] ≤43 approximately. This level does not give you noise in your home, and it won’t give your ears pain.

My thoughts

In this post, I have written all the best portable ac available in the market if you want to buy ac and why should you purchase portable ac instead of buying a split ac or window ac.

You should look that points clearly then you will come to know the reasons behind it.

If you talk about our recommendation, I will suggest you go for Voltas and Blue star.

These both are the Indian company so that you will probably don’t get a problem with service centers. You will get many of it in the metropolitan cities.

I have covered the how to install a portable ac part too. It’s easy to install a portable ac, but still I have provided all the tips and tricks for install, now if you can install portable ac on yourself.

But still, if you find it difficult then you can hire a specialised person to install, and you have to pay Rs. 500 for that.

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